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Website Content Auditing

What it is: A comprehensive analysis and diagnostic report of your website's user friendliness and effectiveness across all elements and pages. See how the copy reads, flows, and guides site visitors.

How it will benefit you: Ensures your visitors will get clear and consistent messaging while being customer-focused, covnversion-optimized.

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Case Study

What it is:  Case studies are research-based analyses that aim to understand complex situations or problems, while success stories focus on highlighting achievements and positive outcomes

How it will benefit you: Highlight and celebrate a particular achievement, success, or positive outcome, focus on presenting a comprehensive analysis of a situation or problem, target a broader audience, including stakeholders, customers, or the general public.

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Blog Writing

What it is: Blogging is the process that implies creating articles, photos, and other forms of content and publishing them on a website.

How it will benefit you: Raise your SEO ranking, connect with your customers, increase awareness, leads and online visibility.

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About Me

My name is Caryn Schneider

I grew up on Coastal Massachusetts and my Dad taught me and my siblings to be good stewards for the environment, share what we caught or grew in our garden, and to understand our interdependence on other living things.  I clearly remember when he got his first mail-order of Praying Mantis for our garden.  Known today as Integrated Pest Management, back then, we simply called it "bugs that eat other bugs".  He earned a Bachelor of Science from the Cornell School of Agriculture. I think animal husbandry was in his heart but becoming a dairy farmer was not in the cards.

He went on to earn an MBA and then his law degree.  He practiced Probate Law and helped his clients with wills, mortgages, estates, and other general issues.  He had a gentle manner and was well liked.  He passed when I was in my early 30's; his absence is still very much felt.

I like to think I inherited some of his "fight for the underdog and work towards the greater good". I went to college with the intent of becoming a lawyer.  A 12 week internship in the Cook County (Chicago) Area 6 Serious Crimes Office showed me what I didn't want to get into; trading deals between Public Defenders and District Attorneys.  I made the decision that if I couldn't help those who needed it most, then I would not be a lawyer.  I needed to look in another direction.

Fast forward a bit and after 12 years in Chicago I moved to Sitka, Alaska; sight unseen.  It turned out to be three of the best years of my life.  I was back in nature, surrounded by unsurpassed beauty.  I lived in a dorm room for 6 months, a boat for 1 year and a couple of spots in between.  I worked temp jobs, bought an old Subaru and adopted a black Lab and a black cat.  We had tons of adventures, a couple of serious scares, and lots of fun.  

By the end of 1995, my "family" and I were back in Massachusetts.  I found a little apartment overlooking a river, a couple of part-time jobs, and a new sense of who I was.  By 1998 I was working for the world's largest producer of farm-raised salmon as a new salesperson and never looked back.  That was until I made one more big career move.

I was always been a good writer; short stories, research papers, poems, editorial comments.  And, since I was a teenager, I've practiced and supported entities that "did no harm".  From clean energy and conservation, to women's rights and animal protection I've leaned on my moral compass and hope that I am living a mindful life. 


Which brings me to here.  After 25+ years in direct sales, I hung up my headset and decided to combine my commitment to purpose-driven business and organizations with my writing, marketing, and consulting skills.  By working with Marketing/Communications departments, my goal is to help advance initiatives, raise awareness, and increase public participation. I know it won’t be easy but with so many committed to its success, I’d like to think we can make a difference.


If you relate to any of this, let's get started.  Please write to me: caryn@compassrosewriting; call or text 781-901-1416, or book a 30 minute complimentary discovery call:

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